Jamal Hindawi (50), a Palestinian refugee, lives in Lebanon where he makes political theater. Together with a group of friends he is working on a theater play about an old jacket. It is a Palestinian family piece that is passed on from generation on generation and represents the Palestinian identity. The night before the premiere, on the way back home from the rehearsals, Jamal loses the jacket on a bus. He starts a journey through Beirut to find back the jacket that has such an important symbolical meaning to him. Jamal gets lost in the city he has lived in his whole life, but where he never felt at home.

The Jacket (in development)

a documentary by Mathijs Poppe

With Jamal Hendawi

Writer & Director Mathijs Poppe

Producer Elisa Heene

Co-Producer Elisa Sepulveda Ruddoff

With the support of Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) - Wildcard, CNC (France)