Skiff (in development)

a feature film by Cecilia Verheyden

15-year-old Malou lives with her mother and two older brothers in a small town. She spends her summer training at the rowing track and working at a gas station. Competitive as she is, she does not make any friends in her team or at work. She also has difficulties connecting with her testosterone driven brothers, Max and Rik. Her mother Annick is dating when not working, so Malou is most of the time on her own. And then Max introduces his new girlfriend Nouria. The more Nouria hangs around at their house, the more Malou gets confused. Is she falling in love? And can she steal Nouria away from her brother? What consequences is Malou willing to pay? 

writer & director Cecilia Verheyden

producer Elisa Heene

with the support of Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF)

selected for Torino Script Lab 2020