Tor (in production)

a short film by Abel Bos

On the outskirts of the city two youngsters discover the power of the camera. BOBBY (14), a cheeky city girl, wants to become a rapper. SAM (12), a frail boy is secretly in love with Bobby but pretends only wanting to spend time with her to make a ‘day in the life video’ for his YouTube channel. When Bobby’s friend BUCK (14) shows up, things start to go wrong and eventually the security guards of the bowling where the youngsters were hanging, have to intervene. They take Bobby and Sam to an interrogation room for explanations.

With Ayame Calmeyn, Hendrik Peeters

Director Abel Bos

Writers Abel Bos & Quinten Wyns

Producer Elisa Heene

Line Producer Michiel Dhont

Casting Magali Coremans

Image Esmoreit Lutters

Sound Feras Daouk

Sound design and soundtrack Matthias Hillegeer

With the support of Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), Flanders Film Funding, the Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Gouvernment